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Becoming a digital nomad

How to persuade your boss to support the idea

We all know that feeling.
You like your job, your boss is ok, your colleagues are great, but there is something missing. Every day looks the same, an alarm ringing at 7 am, a shower, a rushed breakfast, a long commute to work and at 9 am sharp you're sitting at your desk, surrounded by the same people, sitting at the same chair and staring at the same monitor while the sun is shining outside. The days look so similar that sometimes you don't even realize if it's Monday or Thursday. Friday is the only exception. With the weekend nearing you're desperately waiting to escape from the bore of the office around you.

You are, like most people nowadays, missing adventure. The everyday 9-5 routine is slowly killing you.
I faced the same problem, the 9-5 lifestyle was slowly eating away at me. Then I asked myself, the majority of modern office work can easily be performed from home, a coffee shop, a coworking space, or even a park. Why should I sit on the same chair in the same office every day?

One year ago, I was thinking to myself - we only live once. If I don't change something now, when will I? I had a long talk with my boss and in the end I managed to persuade him to let me work remotely for two months - I could work from anywhere in the world. Long story short, I decided to spend these 2 months in the magnific city of Porto, Portugal. It was one of the best decisions of my life, an experience of pure happiness and unimaginable freedom.

So let's say that you like my story and this is something you would love to do - have the freedom to work for a few months remotely from anywhere in the world. Having done it personally, I know how difficult it can be to persuade your boss and make them support your idea. Especially if your boss is a bit "old school" like it was in my case. This is the reason the pitch to my boss feature was created. When you use this feature, we send a short e-mail to your boss underlining the benefits of a remote working culture such as increases in productivity, creativity and work-life balance. Before we send the email, you're able to read it, so that you know exactly how it will look!

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